The Vaxil Story

Consistent Scientific and Business Achievements


  • Vaxil receives Orphan Drug Status from the FDA and EMA, guarantees 10 year market exclusivity
  • Vaxil decides to pursue listing on TSX-Venture and raises $3 million with Sunel Securites, bringing total capital invested in the Vaxil platform to approximately $12 million
  • Vaxil advancing towards large-scale Phase-II clinical trial


  • Vaxil raises $3 million in 2012 to fund Phase-I/IIa with 15 Myeloma cancer patients tested
  • ImMucin™ was shown to have a very high safety profile, especially important as is has potential to be used as long-term maintenance option
  • Cancer-specific robust immune-cell Response from both CD4+ and CD8+ T-Cells rapidly upon ImMucin™ injection
  • Trial conducted at Hadassah, Jerusalem Medical Center, the top hospital in Israel
  • Vaxil applies for additional patents and receives further grant from Israeli Office of Chief Scientist
  • Results published in prestigious British Journal of Hematology in October of 2014


  • Vaxil founded by Dr. Lior Carmon raises $2 million to fund pre-clinical
  • Publishes thesis for the advantages of ImMucin™, a Novel therapeutic vaccine in Elsevier
  • An optimal cancer vaccine should be able to induce highly potent, long-lasting, tumor-specific responses in the majority of the cancer patient population
  • Vaxil’s approach is to use synthetic peptide vaccines derived from widely expressed tumor-associated antigens… ImMucin™ is a 21mer peptide encoding complete signal peptide domain of MUC1, expressed by over 90% of solid and non-solid tumors
  • Vaxil receives first patent and grant from Israeli Office of Chief Scientist to continue Research and Development