VAXHIT™-Immunotherapy Platform

Vaxil has already identified tens of possible immunotherapy product candidates utilizing its platform. Most importantly, VaxHit™ derived immunotherapy products all contain the following critical advantages:

  • While, SP domains have the considerable advantage of being relatively short sequences, they induce a broader, stronger and antigen-specific Th1, Th17 type immunity via promiscuous activation of multiple T-cell clones both CD4+ and CD8+ T-cells and the production of key cytokines like IFN-g, IL-12 and IL-2. Moreover, although SP domains are mainly located inside cells (intracellular), they can still induce an antigen/strain specific humoral response since they are migrating to the cell surface only in tumor cells.
  • Vaxil's immunotherapeutic products are “universal” in the sense that they can induce an efficient response in the majority of the patient population due to their ability to bind multiple HMC molecules. This is critical as every individual expresses different sets of MHC molecules. Unlike many other peptide vaccines, Vaxil's SP domains do not require patients selected based on their MHC repertoire (type).
  • T-cells specific clones against SP domains are less likely to be “exhausted” in cancer patients. I.e. they are likely to be more potent vs. other epitopes in killing tumor cells. (Validated for MUC1, tuberculosis).
  • Vaxil's products are able to efficiently overcome difficulties posed by immune evade mechanisms, mainly Transporter associated with antigen processing (TAP) deficiency, mediated by cancer cells and intracellular pathogens. To the best of our knowledge, these are the only products which currently possess this crucial characteristic.

VAXIL – Creating the ideal immunotherapy

Inducing a Broad


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Vaxil’s Lead Products and Orphan Drug Status

Vaxil believes its immunotherapy platform allows it to target high profile cancer antigens in a uniquely superior manner, all designed to possess the novel advantages described above. Vaxil’s first test of its VaxHit™platform is ​its ImMucin™ ​lead immunotherapy product.