Currently, Vaxil maintains a robust IP portfolio including 6 fully issued patents obtained, with an additional 10 patents pending.

Cancer & Vaxil Immunotherapy

Cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide, accounting for 8,000,000 deaths per annum and 12,000,000 new cases. While chemotherapy was once thought to be a breakthrough, immunotherapies have recently come to the forefront in the fight against cancer. When compared to toxic, side-effect-heavy chemotherapies, which bluntly destroy all cells without discretion, immunotherapy is intended to train and harness the body’s own immune system in order to recognize and target cancer.

Vaxil has developed its VaxHit™ platform, in order to provide an altogether novel & effective avenue for generating immunotherapies targeting high-profile cancer antigens.

In its pilot clinical trial, the VaxHit™ the platform was utilized to produce the Immucin™ immunotherapy in order to target MUC1. MUC1 is perhaps the best-known cancer antigen, ranked by the National Cancer Institute as critical for cancer treatment given its presence in a wide array of cancer types. Perhaps more importantly, all other attempts at targeting MUC1 through immunotherapy, have to date been notoriously unsuccessful.

While MUC1 is present in many cancer types, Vaxil decided to focus Immucin™’s initial trial on Multiple Myeloma, the 2nd most common blood cancer, in order to best track efficacy via blood tests. This enabled Vaxil to better demonstrate proof of concept of VaxHit™’s ability as a platform and Immucin™’s potential as a product, to effectively target renowned cancer antigens. The results from these 15 myeloma cancer patients were extremely promising and were published in the British Journal of Haematology. Immucin was granted Orphan Drug Status by the FDA & EMA.
Vaxil, therefore, believes its platform provides a highly novel approach for targeting otherwise “untouchable” cancer antigens. Immucin™ therefore has potential not only in treatment for Multiple Myeloma but could be expanded to many cancer types, given MUC1’s presence in 90% of all cancer types.
VaxHit™ has demonstrated its ability as a platform for the production of uniquely targeted immunotherapies. Its first product, Immucin™, demonstrated a novel approach for targeting MUC1. Vaxil, therefore, believes that VaxHit™ has potential to generate additional immunotherapies targeting other high-profile cancer antigens aside from MUC1, which would further significantly enhance the range of cancers and patients. Follow-on products are currently being pursued in Vaxil’s laboratory by a team of scientists.